Congratulations to Rob DiTusa and Laura Mangini who obtained outstanding jury verdicts for two of our clients yesterday in Springfield District Court. It’s a credit to their hard work and preparation. In this case, a mother and daughter were victims of a rear end car crash, but the other driver never truly took responsibility for his carelessness. His insurance company, Liberty Mutual, refused to make a reasonable offer to settle the case and we were forced to go to trial. Unfortunately, “low balling” victims is typical of how Liberty Mutual handles claims. The problem with this insurance strategy is that it forces victims to go to trial to get fair compensation, and it exposes people insured by Liberty Mutual to verdicts which may exceed their insurance policies. Fortunately, through our firm’s hard work and the compassion of a Springfield jury, our clients will be fully compensated for their injuries.

The next step in this case is to once again pursue an insurance company for bad faith punitive damages, which will hopefully be a lesson to Liberty Mutual that their tactics cost them more in the long run. I’m sure Rob and Laura will bring the same level of dedication to this part of the case that they always do. I’m very proud of Rob, Laura, and our entire team, for the level of advocacy we provide for our clients. -Ryan

I had the pleasure of reading a book about Jacques Cousteau to Ms. Clarke’s 4th grade class at the Pottenger School in Springfield yesterday. The kids are so attentive and inquisitive, which really makes this so much fun for me to do. I strongly recommend looking into Link To Libraries, Inc. and volunteering your time to this wonderful program. After reading, each kid gets to select a donated book for themselves. Thank you to Ms. Clarke for allowing us to read to your class. -Ryan


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