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A 37 year-old man was severely injured in a head-on motor vehicle collision while driving home from work. Client went on to have three back surgeries, including a two level low back fusion and a permanent nerve stimulator. Client was later determined to be totally and permanently disabled from work as a result of the accident.

A 29 year-old retail sales clerk, suffered multiple fractures in his right leg and ankle in multiple vehicle collision which occurred on a three lane divided highway. The incident consisted of two separate collisions involving three vehicles. A sedan traveling in the far right lane collided with a tractor trailer which was traveling in the center lane. As a result of contact with the truck, the sedan spun across two lanes of traffic and came to rest against a guardrail in the left travel lane. Plaintiff was traveling in the left travel lane before the collision and struck the sedan traveling at 70 mph. We recovered the majority of the settlement from the owner of the tractor trailer.

Client was a 30 year old woman who was injured when she fell from a 2nd floor balcony as a result of a poorly maintained railing. Our client suffered a fractured pelvis and permanent back pain which required the implantation of a permanent spinal stimulator. On the date of the accident, she was a tenant living in a multi-family dwelling in Springfield, Massachusetts. Alekman DiTusa, LLC successfully sued the owner of the apartment building and the property management company for failing to maintain the railing in a reasonably safe condition and for violating the warranty of habitability.

A 57 year old woman tripped and fell down a defective stairway at work, striking her head. Immediate investigation discovered that the fall was caused by a worn vinyl stair covering. Client sustained mild traumatic brain injury.

A 22 year old male involved in roll over accident sustained a fractured ankle. Ankle required surgery with permanent internal fixation. We filed suit against multiple parties, including claims for products liability and negligent maintenance.

A 51 year old passenger was injured in a one vehicle car accident. Vehicle lost traction while crossing through an intersection due to liquid calcium chloride left on the road by a construction company fixing the road. Client sustained permanent injuries to her neck, arms and legs.

49 year old woman sustained fractured wrist when a public transportation van crossed into her lane of traffic and struck her vehicle head on. Evidence obtained in litigation determined that the driver of the van was under the influence of prescription pain medication at the time of the collision.

Husband and wife involved in NJ rear end motor vehicle accident. Both occupants sustained soft tissue neck and back injuries which required extensive chiropractic treatment.

A 15 year old girl was bitten by a neighbor’s dog which resulted in permanent facial scarring. Dog had no prior incidents of biting.

A 34 year old car salesman suffered a permanent back injury in minor car crash at work.

A 17 year old pedestrian was struck by motorist while crossing the street within the confines of the marked crosswalk. She sustained a fractured leg and fractured arm which required permanent internal fixation.

A 26 year old man was injured while attempting to escape his attic apartment during a fire. On the date of the fire, our client was a tenant living in an illegal attic apartment. The attic apartment had only a single exit (instead of two exits as required by the Massachusetts Building Code). On the night of the fire, the only exit stairway was engulfed in flames and our client was forced to jump out of the third floor attic window. He sustained a fractured left foot, fractured pelvis, left sacral fracture, fractures of the L4-L5 vertebrae and a non-displaced ulnar styloid fracture. We were able to recover against the landlord who had failed to maintain the building in compliance with the Massachusetts Building Code.