rear end collision settlement

I am very proud of the hard work and dedication that my law partner, Rob DiTusa, and our associate, Laura Mangini, showed on trial this week. The number of hours and late nights, reviewing materials and preparing, really shows their dedication to doing right by our clients.

This was a rear-end crash, with little visible property damage. Our client, a gentleman, had a pre-existing medical problem, for which his doctor had recommended surgery. However, before the collision, our client considered his pain to be tolerable and chose not to have surgery. Unfortunately, the accident made his pain much worse and forced him to surgery much sooner than anticipated.

Through their hard work, Rob and Laura were able to prove to the jury that this crash made his pre-existing problems worse. Yesterday, the jury awarded our client $100,000 for his injuries. It was also important to our client that they found him to be credible, and made the defendant take responsibility for her actions, which will ultimately be paid for by her insurance company. The defendant’s insurer never made a reasonable offer, which required this case to go to trial.

Ryan Alekman


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