Bicycle Accidents

Experienced Representation for Your Bicycle Accident Injuries

Even a slow speed accident on a bike can result in a serious injury. Pedaling properly in the bike lane at cruising speed can turn deadly if someone makes an improper turn, or a parked car opens a car door at the wrong time. A helmet provides some protection but broken bones and serious injuries can result even when the bicyclist wears a helmet.

Alekman DiTusa, LLC, located in Springfield, Massachusetts, is a personal injury law firm that represents bicyclists hurt in bicycle accidents. If our attorneys take your case, there are no legal fees unless and until we get you compensation.

Representative case: Our client was riding in the right lane of traffic proceeding through an intersection. A car passed him on the left and made an immediate right turn at the intersection, causing a collision with the bike. Our client sustained broken bones as a result of the collision. After the crash, the insurance company tried to argue that the bicyclist was at fault for not giving the car the right of way. After careful investigation and negotiation, the insurer was caused to change its position and our client received a full and fair settlement for his injuries.

Injuries Common in Bicycle Accidents

Our attorneys have seen a wide range of injuries from bicycle accidents. Our approach to personal injury litigation is always detailed, rigorous and thorough. The types of injuries we see with bicycle accidents include:

Head injuries — including traumatic brain injuries (TBI), concussions, fractures and brain swelling
Spinal cord injuries — including everything from ruptured discs to severed spinal cords resulting in paralysis
Bone injuries — common with bicycle accidents and includes compound fractures, crushing injuries, knee injuries, ankle injuries and simple fractures
Soft tissue injuries — includes sprains and strains, dislocated knees, hips and shoulders, and back injuries
Road rash and abrasions — includes potentially disfiguring facial injuries and keloidal scarring
Wrongful death

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