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Individuals suffering from a head injury do not always realize they have suffered such a traumatic injury. While open head injuries are apparent to bystanders and emergency room staff, closed head injuries are far less recognizable at the initial stages. The law office of Alekman DiTusa, LLC, in Springfield, Massachusetts, is dedicated to helping each client obtain proper medical care and compensation following a head injury.

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Recognizing a Head Injury

Individuals suffering from a head injury caused by a construction accident, car accident, motorcycle accident, slip and fall accident, or other accident may require extensive medical care, vocational therapy, speech therapy, and other rehabilitative care. However, if medical professionals do not diagnose the problem in a timely manner, necessary healthcare will be delayed.

Because it is difficult to recognize changes in oneself, it is important to have family, co-workers, and friends watch closely over you following a severe accident. The following are signs or symptoms of a concussion, brain injury, or other head injury:

Memory loss
Mood changes

Pursuing Compensation following a Severe Head Injury

A head injury can impact the rest of an individual’s life. Working and earning a living may be more difficult — or even impossible. Communicating with family members or strangers may be daunting. Even recalling special events of the past or routine daily tasks can be challenging. The personal injury attorneys at Alekman DiTusa, LLC work to get you the care you need and deserve during this difficult time, and work to help you recover financially for the burdens you must endure physically, emotionally, mentally, and financially.

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