Burn Injuries

Legal Remedies for Burn Injury Victims

Burn injuries are surprisingly common and can be caused by chemicals, water, fire, electricity, steam, explosions or molten materials. In our experience, burn injuries are often referred to as the most painful of all injuries. A burn injury can also be difficult to treat and can result in a wrongful death suit. Burn injuries can result in disfiguring scarring which can, in the case of keloidal scarring, actually grow worse over time.

At Alekman DiTusa, LLC, we represent individuals who have sustained burn injuries due to another party’s negligence, error, action or inaction. When you visit our law office in Springfield, Massachusetts, you will find attorneys and staff who seek to provide personalized and caring service for all clients, and who believe that every client is important.

Representative case: Our client stepped into the shower that had been installed by the former homeowner. The shower’s scald valve was missing and when the water temperature spiked, our client suffered second and third degree burns from the waist down. Our client received a $400,000 settlement.

If our attorneys take your case, there are no legal fees unless and until we get a settlement.

Representative case: Our client suffered lime burns when cement got into her boots during a basement cement project. Insufficient warning, by the company providing the cement, was found at fault and our client received full and fair compensation in a settlement.

Help for Full Range of Burn Injury Victims

Our attorneys have access to reputable experts for testimony in burn injury personal litigation. Our experience in burn cases includes:

Electrical burns — We were able to help a laborer who hit an improperly marked underground electric line and suffered electrical burns. We also represented a woman who plugged in her alarm clock and the resulting shock burned her arm.
Chemical burns — We were able to help our client who was burned by lime in a home remodeling accident. Other chemical burns can occur from chemicals improperly labeled at a company workplace.
Burns due to fire or explosions — Auto accidents can result in burns from a gasoline fire or explosion.

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