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Children react far differently to an injury or accident than adults. Although you may recognize symptoms of your own injury, it can be difficult to recognize when your children have suffered an injury. Months and even years may pass before an injury is discovered, therefore it is important to discuss concerns with your family doctor. Our personal injury attorneys at Alekman DiTusa, LLC are committed to helping all clients recover full compensation following an injury.

Contact our child injury attorneys at Alekman DiTusa, LLC for compassionate and experienced legal guidance.

Dedicated and Caring Child Injury Lawyers

Attorney Alekman and Attorney DiTusa have the experience and demeanor that is necessary when working with children, and the person or people responsible for their injury. Because of our demeanor, children and their parents are comfortable with Attorney Alekman and Attorney DiTusa, and children are able to discuss what happened. We work with parents to associate new behaviors to an accident or traumatic event that occurred.

Symptoms of a head injury or other injury in children may include:

Sudden disobedience in school
Problems at daycare
Sudden changes in personality
Becoming withdrawn

While sleeplessness may be causing other problems for your child, the root of their inability to sleep is often the real concern. Alekman DiTusa, LLC work with child psychologists and other medical professionals to help determine if your child suffered an injury, what care is necessary, and what remedy can be sought. As experienced child injury claim attorneys, we are able to handle all matters in which a child is the victim, such as:

Child molestation
Dog bites
Injury from broken playground equipment
Injury from broken stairs
Other premises liability accident
Bicycle accidents or pedestrian accidents
School bus accidents
Car accidents

If you suspect your child has been injured, seek appropriate medical care right away. Then, contact a child injury attorney at Alekman DiTusa, LLC for a free consultation to discuss your child’s right to compensation.