Drunk Driving Accident Injuries

Accident Injuries Caused by Drunk Driving

Drunk driving accident injuries are often serious and can sometimes be fatal. When a driver is impaired speed, can be excessive and wrong way collisions and rollovers are not uncommon. Injuries can be either to passengers within the car or to motorists in another vehicle. In some instances, the accident can lead to wrongful death litigation.

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Who is Responsible for Drunk Driving Accident Injuries?

The obvious answer to the question above is that the drunk driver is responsible. While this is certainly true, other parties can be held responsible as well. This may be important in the event of serious injuries involving uninsured or underinsured drunk drivers.

Other parties who may share responsibility include:

Bar or restaurant — A dram shop (establishment which serves liquor) is required to undergo training to teach servers about over-serving their patrons alcohol. Simply stated, if a bar or restaurant over-serves a customer, liability can result for injuries caused by drunk driving.
Dorm party — If a student serves beer to another student, who then drives away and causes an accident, the party host (referred to as a social host) can, and should, be held responsible.
Parents — If an adult serves alcohol to a minor child in the home and the child then drives a car, the parents can be held responsible for any drunk driving accident injuries which may occur.

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