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Any criminal conviction can have a significant impact on your future. Even a conviction for misdemeanor charges, such as vandalism or petty theft, will result in a criminal record which may have an impact on your reputation, future employment opportunities, college opportunities and potential sentencing should subsequent convictions occur in the future. Therefore, it is important to understand and protect your rights – no matter what the charges are. If you are facing misdemeanor charges in Springfield or throughout Massachusetts, contact Alekman DiTusa, LLC for a free initial consultation.

Misdemeanor Charges? Call Attorney Alekman or Attorney DiTusa for an Experienced Defense.

Criminal lawyers Attorney Alekman and Attorney DiTusa have over 25 years combined experience protecting the rights of the accused. We are dedicated to helping clients preserve their rights and protect their future no matter what their case involves. We are experienced defending clients in all types of misdemeanor criminal cases. Some misdemeanor charges involve:

OUI/DUI/DWI (first offense or second offense)
Minor drug possession
Shoplifting/petty theft
Simple assault (where no bodily harm is involved)
Domestic violence (where no bodily harm is involved)
Disorderly persons/disorderly conduct
Minor in possession of alcohol/minor transporting alcohol
Other misdemeanor offenses

Individuals who are convicted for a misdemeanor offense may face up to two and a half years in jail and potential fines, among other consequences. As experienced lawyers, Attorney Alekman and Attorney DiTusa work to minimize or avoid these potential consequences.

Experience, Respect and Determination on Your Side

At the law offices of Alekman DiTusa, LLC, we believe that every client and every case is important. Whether you need a vigorous OUI/DUI defense or representation in a shoplifting matter, Attorney Alekman and Attorney DiTusa have the skill and determination to assist you.

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