Pharmacy Errors

Pharmacy Error Litigation

Pharmaceutical drugs are wonderful when they work well and are properly administered, but they can also be dangerous. Incorrect medication, dosage or directions can cause hardship, illness and even death.

At Alekman DiTusa, LLC, we represent clients who have suffered injury or illness due to a medication mistake or pharmacy error. From our Springfield, Massachusetts, law office, we provide personalized and caring service while achieving results for our clients.

Don’t let your doctor or pharmacist make you think it is your fault for not identifying their error. If you complain that a prescription isn’t working or is creating unexpected adverse side effects, those complaints should be taken seriously. Please contact our law firm if you believe a pharmacy error was made.

Representative case: A pharmacist filled a prescription with the wrong medication. Instead of badly needed pain medication, our client was given an anti-anxiety medication. His pain was not alleviated and he could have suffered an unexpected drug interaction from the incorrect prescription. We were able to obtain full and fair compensation for this potentially life threatening mistake.

Difficult to Prove Pharmacy Errors

One of the challenges with a medication mistake or pharmacy error is that it is difficult to prove what was actually put in the bottle. Instead, the pharmacist may try to blame the patient and the physician may try to blame the pharmacist. Our attorneys’ experience with forensic investigation and expert medical testimony can often yield the necessary proof. There are a few typical pharmacy error scenarios:

Physician handwriting — Physician handwriting has a reputation for being hard to read. However, if a pharmacist has a handwriting question, it is imperative that the prescription is confirmed before filling.
Pharmacist medication error — Pharmacists are human beings who can make mistakes. Pharmacists can, and do, mistakenly place the wrong pill in the bottle.
Pharmacist dosage or instruction error — The pharmacist can provide the right medication but in the wrong dosage or with incorrect dosage instructions. For instance, if the bottle says take once per day instead of once per week, the results can be costly.

A pharmacy error is essentially a case of professional negligence on the part of either the physician or the pharmacist.

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