Scaffolding/Ladder/Crane Accidents

Springfield, Massachusetts: Crane Accident Lawyer

If you have sustained injuries in a scaffolding, ladder or crane accident, you need more than a general personal injury lawyer. You need one who is experienced in handling construction accident cases, and who is knowledgeable about safety regulations on construction sites. You also need one who understands the complex interaction among contractors and subcontractors in order to accurately identify the party at fault for your injuries.

At Alekman DiTusa, LLC, our personal injury practice is led by an attorney with more than 14 years of experience handling construction site accidents. He has extensive knowledge of the safety regulations put out by the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and has a long track record of success obtaining verdicts and settlements for clients in addition to workers’ compensation.

Massachusetts requires contractors and subcontractors to follow federal safety regulations outlined by OSHA. When they fail to follow these regulations, people get hurt. Our attorneys have represented scaffolding and crane accidents involving:

Failure to communicate between crane operator and people on the ground
Failure to erect scaffolding properly
Use of improper materials to erect scaffolding
Failure to have fall protection for workers on scaffolding and manlifts
Use of a ladder on unsafe ground

Thoroughly Investigating Your Accident

The most problematic parts of obtaining compensation for construction accidents is determining who and what is at fault for the accident. The complex web of contractors and subcontractors, and the chance of defective parts make it complicated to sort out who and what was responsible for the dangerous conditions. If you suffered serious injury in a scaffolding, ladder or crane accident, you need a lawyer who has experience untangling the web of potentially responsible parties in construction site accidents.

Led by Attorney Robert A. DiTusa, our firm conducts extensive and exhaustive investigations into every accident case we handle. We go to the construction site and examine the machinery and location to determine if there were any safety violations or defective parts. We also consult with safety experts to learn how the accident could have been prevented. In addition, we gather federal and state reports. If the contractor was cited for violating safety regulations in the past, we will find out.

Contact an Experienced and Skilled Crane Accident Lawyer

If you suffered a back or head injury as the result of safety mishaps on a construction site, contact our office in Springfield Massachusetts, for a free initial consultation. To schedule an appointment with an attorney, call 413-781-0000 or send us an e-mail.