Serious Truck Accident Injuries

The average semi-truck can weigh 80,000 pounds. The average auto weighs less than 4,000 pounds. In an 18-wheeler crash, it is easy to understand who will suffer more substantial injuries.

Consider all the factors a tractor trailer operator has to deal with: poor visibility, blind spots, even larger stopping distances, and poor maneuverability. This is why only highly trained operators are allowed to obtain commercial driver’s licenses (CDL). But even professional drivers make mistakes. A driver may have a deadline to meet, he or she may be pushing the number of hours he or she is allowed to drive or the truck may have a mechanical problem, like improper tire tread, that the operator failed to identify.

Truck drivers have specific licensing and federal regulations for a very good reason. These regulations specify the amount of training, number of hours behind the wheel, and require routine inspections of trucks. If any of these regulations are violated, trucks can cause serious problems for other cars on the road.

The attorneys at Alekman DiTusa, LLC, have experience in truck accident personal injury cases.

Representative Case: We favorably resolved a truck accident in which a truck made an improper lane change, struck a car and caused a multi-car accident. Our client, who was the operator of one of the cars, received a settlement of $675,000.

Alekman DiTusa Represents Victims of Truck Accident Injuries

Our attorneys will conduct an extensive interview, assist clients with finding proper medical care and a complete and thorough investigation of the truck accident.

If necessary, we have the means to hire experts to conduct a proper investigation. We can, and have, hired accident reconstruction experts to perform time, speed and distance analyses to determine which vehicle was at fault for an accident. In a recent case, an expert hired by Alekman DiTusa, LLC was able to pinpoint the location of a collision, using skid marks and damage to the side of a vehicle. This information was not obvious from accident scene photos and could not have been discovered without careful expert analysis.

We also take a thorough approach to documenting all of your financial damages and once armed with good information, we begin to negotiate for a favorable settlement. Most cases resolve at this point but if the settlement offer is insufficient, we will recommend filing a lawsuit and proceeding to court.

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