Violations of Probation

Springfield Lawyer Alleged Violation of Probation

Have you been charged with a probation violation? What happens when you violate the terms of your probation in Massachusetts? You may have realized already that in the case of an alleged violation of probation, you have fewer rights than in an initial criminal case. To ensure that your rights are protected to the greatest extent possible, you should contact an experienced probation violation defense attorney.

The probation violation attorneys at Alekman DiTusa, LLC have handled many cases of alleged violation of probation. When we represent you, we will ensure that you make all the right moves and do not give up your rights without being properly informed.

Typically, your probation officer prosecutes your alleged violation of probation. If your relationship with that person is strained, it is even more urgent that you be protected by the determined advocacy of your own attorney — an experienced probation violation lawyer such as Attorney Alekman and Attorney DiTusa. An advocate who is dedicated to presenting the most powerful arguments in favor of more lenient treatment is more likely to get a favorable resolution to your case.

Take control over what happens if you are accused of violating probation. Seek out experienced Springfield, Massachusetts, probation violation defense attorneys at Alekman DiTusa, LLC. Allow us to present your case in the best light possible to the prosecuting probation officer and then to the judge who will determine your fate. Allow us to obtain positive character witness testimony, such as from your employer or counselor, and other evidence in support of your freedom.

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